• Some writings and smaller publications.

      the speaker's manifesto

      How to kickstart your speaking career without struggling in despair.

      wine tasting for noobies

      Get onto your first wine tasting experience by understanding the basics.

      the guide to paris

      Discover the history of Paris, my favorite spots and the best coworking spaces.

      the guide to los angeles

      Discover the most unique locations when visit the City of Angels.


      Learn how to skip lines, travel quickly and eat at airports for free.

      ULTIMATE productivity hacks

      Apply the Pareto rule to unlock time and efficiency to boost happiness.

      the 72h fast

      Apply the scientifically proven method to boost your energy through ketosis.

      understanding taxation

      An in-depth guide to understand taxation systems and incorporate efficiently.

      finding your e-commerce product

      Follow this step-by-step guide to find a suitable product for drop shipping.

      optimising sleep

      A summary of insights from the greatest techniques on effective sleep.